Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ; Call of Duty, which represents a large part of the history of the FPS genre and is easy to speak for 16 years with a new game every year, we think that from 2011 to 2019, almost none of the games have been able to meet expectations. The fact that such an important and large series kept plugging the ears to the wishes of the players every year and carried them to the past or the future was criticized by the players and deserved by the critics. But in 2019, Infinity Ward finally heard the screams and rolled up his sleeves to bring Call of Duty to its most spectacular time, the glory of Modern Warfare. After waiting for a long time, the production took its place on the shelves last week and we started playing the game directly.

First of all, in order to remove the question marks from the beginning, I would like to clarify the allegations of ypg, terror propaganda, and the terrorists who we heard before the game. No part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has any elements that support any terrorist organization such as ypg or pkk. Even and even, in the game, the female character representing the insurgents is an Arab. Even though the region where the game takes place is presented as the Middle East, it takes place in Urzikistan, a fictional country created by filling the Black Sea to the west of Georgia on the pre-section map. The country also does not limit in any way intersection with Turkey. Once you get through the game’s story, as published in Turkey name is not found in any Turkish characters in the game. In short, what I found in the game at the slightest element of insulting Turkey, I have witnessed nor YPG and made the propaganda of the PKK as a terrorist organization traitor. Already in the slightest way, if we had encountered such a situation, we decided to strictly review the game. Once we have clarified this situation, we can now start with full meaning.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Let’s remember the times when Call of Duty was at the top. The first Call of Duty 4, which is usually engraved with the characters in the game, has left us fascinated by its atmosphere even though it is not realistic in terms of gameplay, as if we were throwing us into a movie. The first 3 Modern Warfare games have become legends, while the fluctuating emotions, dramatic scenes and memorable episodes in the past games have become legendary. Infinity Ward will eventually realize that these are the things players miss, and in the new Modern Warfare, he has brought back Captain Price, which we all admire, and managed to give us the dramatism we miss all the way through the story. There are some surprises, especially about the characters, but I won’t tell them for the lack of spoilers.

The story of Modern Warfare is hard to tell without spoilers. But I can give you a brief summary of what you need to master and more or less. Modern Warfare, which focuses on the post-occupation of Russian forces in a fictional country called Urzikistan, then deals with our struggle with a radical terrorist group called Al-Qatala. Of course, we have insurgents fighting both Russia and Al-Qatala. The leader of these insurgents is Farah Karim, the female character we see in the trailer of the game. Infinity Ward put Farah Karim in the lead in the full sense of the game. The way the story works is usually based on this character. Perhaps the most dramatic and fascinating part of Call of Duty’s history, and later in the game, is where Farah’s motivation fought with his brother to clear his country from the Russians and Al-Qatala.

I would really like to tell you such an ambitious section with all the details, but the last thing I want to ruin your experience with spoilers. But I want to tell you a few things you will remember when you come to this section. Call of Duty is the most important episodes in the past if we asked if we asked probably the Sniper section of Modern Warfare 1 and No Russian section of Modern Warfare 2 would come to your mind. This section is impressive enough to put these two parts into the atmosphere. The episode, which suggests drama, tension, fear, and the people who really live through it today, can even win Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the game of the year. Infinity Ward, which makes us feel what innocent civilians have experienced in the Middle East today, especially the difficulties children have to overcome, has done an impressive job that will attract the attention of the international community and start a movement to prevent wars. I would like to congratulate the developers who showed us how the innocent civilians are stuck with terrorist organizations and world giants.

Speaking of the story, there are points where the notion of evil in the game has also become gray. Even though Call of Duty makes western countries a part of heroes and makes the Russians demons again, some parts of the game bring gray dots to our eyes. Captain Price, an English SAS commando, said in the trailer, “We’re getting dirty to keep the world clean.” We come to such points in the story that the “come on” elections, the points you say whether I do or do not often come across. In short, we are not a prince on a white horse, but a soldier in which we can see every way to achieve the goal. We also experience first hand that innocents can always be used in war.

One of the good things about the story of the new Call of Duty is that you encounter scenes that leave your mouth open all the time. Advancing with the tension that something can happen at any moment, along with the action dose of the game, develops its dramatic personality. As if you are watching a very good action movie you continue to experience the story. Modern Warfare, which normally lasts between 6-7 hours, managed to finish a game for the first time in a single life in a player who never finished a game like me, even if it lasted 3 hours. I really never left the game until I finished the story, except for the need for food and sink. This was in fact more of a narrative than a story, but because of the fluency of the narration and the quality of the scenes. The story of Modern Warfare is perhaps not the best, but it is one of the most immersive and most impressive. And also a story that will definitely come more …

One of the major changes in the gameplay features of the new Call of Duty’s multiplayer is that the bullets now weigh just as much as Battlefield and are affected by gravity. This feature, which is the main source of the claim that Modern Warfare will be a more realistic game, which the producers starkly stated, may seem to radically change the playable fluidity of the game when you hear it, but this is not the case. Although you may need to aim a little gun up in the clashes from long distances, you don’t feel big differences in the classic small maps. Another important innovation is that we can now put weapons on walls, corners. In this way, you can reduce the recoil of the weapons as if you were using a bipod, you can achieve a significant increase in performance in fully automatic weapons. This feature, which dramatically changes the dynamics of the game, is useful for ambushing strategic points, especially in mission-oriented modes.

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