FIFA 20 Review ; Football. Although it sounds like two simple syllables, it is a sport that has become a passion and a way of life for our country. Lives have been lost for life, tears have been shed, long ways have been passed a love. We have been together with football games for many years to experience such a love more closely. FIFA, which we encounter with the new version every year, is one of the best examples of these games. Personally, since 1996, I have played every version of the FIFA series without exception, for the last 5 years, constantly repeating itself, not bringing radical changes, such as the subject of criticism has been the target. And from a neutral point of view, this is truly remarkable.

In the last game of our generation, I was personally expecting revolutionary innovations from EA. Before switching to the next generation, “FIFA is such a game!” I have expected an experience that will make you wonder what will happen next year if these are in the last FIFA of the generation. However, with all seriousness, the game I’ve encountered is almost no different from FIFA 15 or FIFA 19 in terms of gameplay. As if only the interface of the FIFA 15 has been changed, new roster has been added (which most transfers were not reflected in the game), the menus have been decorated and I’ve come across a $ 60 game with innovations such as jokes that can be added with small updates. Frankly, if there was no novelty like Volta, it wouldn’t be worth the time to write that review.

FIFA 20 Review
FIFA 20 Review

Speaking of Volta, I would like to underline that this is probably the only thing that can be praised about the game. In the past, FIFA Street as a separate game in the name of the street football theme, EA Sports by FIFA 20 really really nice under. It was fun to play, a theme that makes a difference and makes it a stand-alone mode for running FIFA 20. He created our own player and replaced the story found in previous games, Journey mode. With the character we created, we started our street football career in a street football team called J10, Volta, but it didn’t do wonders with its story, it was the mode that saved FIFA 20. In Volta, where we travel to different countries of the world and meet different competitors in various tournaments, we can add different street footballers to our team, customize our character and team with the points we earn, build a good plug-in and fight fierce with other players in online mode.

The gameplay feel of Volta mode is completely different from normal game modes. Mechanically, you get the feeling that the ball physics is attached to the player’s foot. Unlike normal modes, Volta offers a much more arcade gameplay, although at first it seems very simple, it is easy to learn and takes a long time to specialize. With the talented players we encountered in normal mode, they managed to crush me when I met in online mode. This proves that there is no chronic momentum in this mode. Volta is indeed a suitable mode to experience the visual feast in the hands of talented players. Players who can easily make special moves will enjoy Volta.

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